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Why was SLIPP formed?

SLIPP was formed in response to the pressures the watershed is experiencing as a result of increased development, water quality issues and conflicting demands on recreational resources.

These challenges are set against a complex regulatory environment where various federal, provincial and local agencies have intersecting responsibilities. Focused agency mandates, combined with inconsistent coordinating mechanisms among agencies have made it difficult to balance economic, social and environmental interests.

By coordinating information, human resources, data collection and programs, SLIPP will make its partners and stakeholders more aware of the issues facing the watershed and be better equipped to implement sustainable solutions in the region.

About Us

What is SLIPP?

SLIPP is a partnership program of multiple stakeholders in the Shuswap watershed. As such, its purpose is to coordinate and improve communication between federal and provincial government agencies and local governments, each of whom have legislation, bylaws and mandates to implement and enforce on the lakes as they pertain to issues of environment, business, and development. As a partnership of these agencies and levels of government, SLIPP does not have any decision-making powers or authority of its own.

SLIPP is implementing the Strategic Plan for Shuswap and Mara Lakes that was developed in 2008 with the support of the aforementioned agencies and governments, as well as the public and local First Nations and businesses. This plan contains a Vision, three goals, and multiple strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Shuswap watershed.